Cynllun Yfory

“Our aim is to attract the most skilful and talented individuals to provide the best service to address the needs of the people of Gwynedd”.

Dilwyn Williams, Chief Executive
Welcome to the Cynllun Yfory page…

Cynllun Yfory, which is the Gwynedd Council Graduates Scheme, gives you the opportunity to develop expertise in a key area and to understand more about the requirements of working in local government. You will receive practical experiences and many opportunities to develop your specialist and personal skills to ensure a long and prosperous career here.

Cynllun Yfory is therefore a unique opportunity for anyone with a degree or equivalent, to develop a career at Gwynedd Council. If you have ever thought about working for local government, Cynllun Yfory is perfect for you. The purpose of Cynllun Yfory is:

  1. To fill key posts in Gwynedd Council

2. To ensure that there are qualified professionals in place to meet staffing needs

3. To develop talented graduates to be future leaders and experts

4. To give individuals the opportunity to receive the required experiences, develop the networks and complete the necessary qualifications to have a firm footing for a career in the Council

Cynllun Yfory Professional Trainee’s, 2019


Do I need a degree?

You must have, or be working towards, a degree (or equivalent) at 2: 1 or above. If you are still studying for the degree we may ask for a predicted grade from the University.

What’s the wage?

The Professional Trainee will have a starting salary of £24,313.00. There is potential for this to increase to £26,317.00 by the end of the two years, depending on progress.

Do I need to be fluent in the Welsh language?

You need to be fluent in Welsh to be a professional trainee on the Cynllun Yfory scheme due to the scheme’s language requirements.

Professional trainees on the Cynllun Yfory scheme have the opportunity to gain valuable out-of-the-ordinary experiences, which address the political, strategic, operational, and front-line elements of the Council.

To learn a little more about Cynllun Yfory, visit the website. Or, to learn from the trainees’ very own perspective, click here!

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