Apprenticeship Jobs 2021

We have many new and exciting opportunities for you in 2021. Perhaps you want to learn more about a different field? Or you’re already interested in a particular area? Either way, find out more about the different opportunities available below.

This page will be updated regularly to reflect the new opportunities that will arise throughout the year.

There will be an opportunity to apply for these apprenticeship between January and April 2021.

  • Customer Contact and Registration Apprentice
  • Childcare Apprentice
  • Adult Care Apprentice
  • Business and Administration Apprentice
  • Learning Disabilities Sector Apprentice (Residential Homes)
  • Learning Disabilities Sector Apprentice (Day Services)
  • Civil Engineering Apprentice YGC
  • Civil Engineering Apprentice Highways and Municipal
  • Civil Engineering Apprentice NMWTRA
  • Cyber Security IT Apprentice NMWTRA (Degree)
  • Business and Administration Apprentice NMWTRA
  • Cyber Security IT Apprentice (Degree)
  • Street Lighting Electrician Apprentice

Adult Care

Adult Care Sector Apprentice

Given the aging population, jobs in adult care are key and important jobs. If you are a person who likes to work with people, wants to make a difference to the lives of others, and wants to learn, this apprenticeship could be for you!

Possible experiences:

  • Caring for vulnerable residents of the home
  • Play fun games with the residents
  • Communicate with the families of the residents of the home
  • Create a healthy and safe home environment

Information Technology

IT Degree Apprentice

Interested in computers and discovering an innovative way of working? The IT service is vital to the continuation of the Council’s service.

Possible experiences:

  • Work on innovative and new projects
  • Learn about and master the Council’s key IT systems
  • Work towards a degree from Bangor University (the Council will pay for the degree so no student debt for you!)

NMWTRA Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Apprentice

A special opportunity to develop mathematic skills, and design skills with NMWTRA (North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency). NMWTRA works in partnership with Gwynedd Council so this apprenticeship will offer unique experiences for development in the civil engineering field.

Possible experiences:

  • Maintain trunk roads across north and mid Wales
  • Participate in essential inspections
  • Participate in planning projects


Childcare Apprentice

An opportunity to become a Childcare Apprentice at Plas Pawb Nursery, Caernarfon. If you are interested in working with young children (from infants to older children), or if you are studying a Health and Social Care course and are interested in this field, then this is the apprenticeship for you!

Possible experiences:

  • Looking after the nursery’s babies and older children
  • Doing craft work with the kids
  • Facilitating and leading play work


Lighting Electrician Apprentice

The Council’s Lighting Service is responsible for all signs and street lighting in the County. This electrical work is essential to protect the residents of the County as a whole.

Possible experiences:

  • Install and maintain lighting columns, signs, and any other street furniture
  • Act on electrical maintenance
  • Assist with inspection and testing of lighting columns

Customer Contact and Registration

Customer Contact and Registration Apprentice

As an apprentice in this field you would be providing a service, support, information and guidance to the residents of Gwynedd. This apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to gain experience at Siop Gwynedd, Dolgellau and also at the Galw Gwynedd Center, Penrhyndeudraeth.

Possible experiences:

  • Respond to telephone and face to face inquiries from Gwynedd residents by working with different Council departments
  • Contribute to transforming the way we provide customer service
  • Hold registration service appointments

Learning Disability

Learning Disability Apprentice

This is an opportunity to assist individuals with a learning disability to live their lives in the way they wish, and to ensure they lead active and rich lives. This apprentice will create, develop and maintain a good quality of life for individuals with a learning disability and carry out work that makes a difference to lives.

Possible experiences:

  • Complete a range of assessments to contribute to understanding a person’s needs
  • Working alongside the person receiving the support
  • Promote the principles of support throughout the service

NMWTRA Business

Business and Administration Apprentice

An opportunity to develop business and finance skills with NMWTRA (North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency) who work in partnership with Gwynedd Council. NMWTRA represents eight local authouritys across North and Mid Wales so this is a unique and exciting opportunity.

Possible experiences:

  • Network with councils across North and Mid Wales
  • Develop expertise in business operations
  • Contribute to financial management

Civil Engineering YGC

Civil Engineering Apprentice

Gwynedd Consultancy (YGC) is a multidisciplinary consultancy established by Gwynedd Council in 1996. YGC is the largest local authority-run consultancy in Wales, working with a large number of public and private sector clients. This apprentice will work specifically in the Water and Environmental field.

Possible experiences:

  • Support the team to prepare drawings and documents using a variety of computer software packages
  • Be a part of a flexible project team and assisting the engineers and technical staff on projects
  • Complete an ICE accredited qualification

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